Love, Josh


Josh’s father died suddenly when Josh was a teenager.  Filmmakers Bill Whiteford and Susan Hadary followed him for a year and chronicled his grieving process as he came to terms with his dad’s death and his own new role within his family.

This short sequence was one I both shot (handheld camera) and edited in the rough cut, and it remained almost completely untouched throughout the final cut by ace editor Joi Shilling.  I’m proud of the “scolding” scene, which was shot with only one camera and only the camera mic (sound had not yet arrived on set and we couldn’t wait).  I kept running up and down those stairs to cover the conversation between Josh and his mom.  I shot the follow-cam during the biking scene on rollerblades.  Where was a Steadi-Segway when I needed it?  Not invented.

Produced and Directed by Bill Whiteford and Susan Hadary

Edited by Joi Shilling

Released by Home Box Office, distributed by Video Press

2001 Academy Award Nominee “Short List,” Documentary Short Subject

BetaSP, miniDV, VHS

Edited on Avid