In this episode from the 6-hour series Critical Incident for Discovery Networks, Baltimore’s Shock Trauma team tries to save the pilot of a Baltimore City police helicopter that crashed...during the funeral of another officer who died the week before in a duty-related motor vehicle collision, who they were also unable to save.  While taps are played for one “first responder,” the team struggles to keep another from slipping away.

This intense scene was a trial by fire - it was the first thing I had ever shot for the show.  We learned only minutes before that the pilot was arriving.  I had to prep our gear and get to the TRU in minutes.

Produced and Directed by Bill Whiteford and Susan Hadary

Cinematography by Alex Houston

Edited by Joi Shilling

Narrated by Johnny Panzarella

Distributed by Discovery Channel

miniDV, BetaSP

Edited on Avid


Episode III:  “One of Our Own”